Project BIY’s major update 

Hello, boys and girls- Have you been good in my absence? I hope so! XD

Just want to let you know that Project BIY is going to go through a total overhaul in content production.

We will no longer be focusing much on writing articles and instead, we will be focusing on producing videos and building our project’s awareness via our YouTube channel!

In case you are wondering-Yes, the blog will still be updated 🙂

Now, you might be thinking that we’ll be doing nothing new and we’d be producing videos in the same, current style of iStory Time BUT-

I want you to know that THIS IS NOT THE CASE

I’ve taken all the feedbacks from past videos I’ve gotten into account and I’ve done EXTENSIVE research and analysis into my contents, as well as contents of other YouTubers. I’ve never told anyone this until recently- All this time while producing videos, I’ve always felt that my video is missing something. A “Spark” of sort. 

After a crazy amount of analysis and research, I believe I may have found the “spark”. I believe this “Spark” can be the catalyst which will help us grow as a channel and community.

The upcoming and future production of videos from this channel is going to change DRASTICALLY. It will no longer be me (literally) telling you a story.

Instead, you will be experiencing a story with every video, getting messages from them every time you finish watching one.

The reason to why I’m making this shift of focus from blogging to YouTube videos is because I believe videos are much more effective in engaging with an audience and hence, I will be able to reach a bigger audience to help spread the mission of positivity! 

The first episode has already been shot, edited and ready to be published this Saturday and just to let you in on what to expect-

It’s a 3-4 minutes short and this video will be NOTHING LIKE what you’ve been seeing on my channel. Some may enjoy the new change, some may hate it but all I can say is- 

It’s going to be EPIC!

I will talk to you more again after the video is up so till then, I hope you are as excited as I am for the future of Project BIY, our community and our YouTube Channel!

This journey is just getting started 😉

I hope you stay chirpy as always and I will talk to you again soon friends! Ciao~

Your pal,


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