Man Vs Shaver

What happens when Super Shaver catches a Man trying to hack into a computer?

Music credit:
Minefield – DEgITx (feat. Matty M.)
London Bridge Is Falling Down (Instrumental) – The Green Orbs

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10 thoughts on “Man Vs Shaver

    1. LOL don’t do that then XD
      It’s not about the money anyway 🙂

      Well it’d be nice to have financial support- Duh, but I don’t expect it to come from ppl who need financial support themselves to support this cause lol! Only support if you can afford to and want to.

      If not? The video contents are still free and available to everyone 🙂

      If they can help you improve your life for the better, be it cheer you up when you are feeling down or even give you an epiphany / insight / inspiration / motivation in life?

      I’d be happy. If it actually help bring you up in life to a better place when you suddenly find yourself with additional resources to spare and you want to show your support? By all means, I will graciously accept them 🙂

      For the moment, please do not even think about supporting me financially when you can’t support yourself yet! I’d be worried if you do!

      Hell, I’d refund you the money if you do that lol!

      Your pal,

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      1. Lol, if I could I would totes donate to you, especially because you got that snazzy and epic banner on your Patreon wow, it’s really cool! I love it. hehehehhe.

        Hahaha you would pay me to not donate to you xD But remember that what matters is that you enjoy what you’re doing and you’re doing it because you like it, okay? ^^

        Keep at it, dude! BIY and you’ll get far .w.

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      2. I will sir, I will. ^^ Like that one Pierce The Veil song says, I’ll be painting houses on the rich blue coast for the rich old folks.

        ….Is that even a good thing? .-.

        Yes. I like hugs. Tootles. ~

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  1. Interesting… man vs. shaver , sound effects, shaver with a cape like batman’s 😀 , those subtle expressions (frightening) and ending it with “to be continued but with a question mark! well that made me think whether there’s going to be another part or not.

    This was great. I really liked the creativity 👍👌 and wow you shot that all by yourself with iPad! that must have been very difficult.
    Capturing and acting all by yourself! you managed it amazingly.

    Hope you are well now; the shaver was really mean 😉
    will wait patiently for the next update 🙂

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    1. Hahaha thanks for this amazing feedback- Glad you enjoyed it! XD

      It’s nice to have viewers and friends noticing the subtle things hahaha and indeed, the shaver IS a mini parody off Batman! Happy that you caught that mini-easter egg 😀

      The story idea started with “Super Shaver” finding a hacker trying to steal personal data and being the vigilante that “It” is, it asks the Hacker to stop in the name of justice. Hacker (Man) being the stubborn and “Bad” guy, refuses so the battle begins XD

      Needless to say, the plan was foiled and the supposed “Hero” won, even though it kinda looked like “It” is a villain hahaha!

      I did kinda add the villain tone to “Super Shaver” with the spoof off the “Predator” hunting sound effect, if you know the creature (Yautja) from the “Predator” movie XD

      I wanna ask though- Did you catch any story out of the video while watching it?

      If so, is it the same as how I’ve described above?

      Honestly, I did think about a sequel to this battle but it will not be up so soon even though I’ve got a rough script going but I want to make it A LOT better than the first so don’t wanna rush it 🙂

      For the moment, I’ve actually got quite a number of other mini-scripts / stories written down and the production for them are currently under way lol!
      If this kind of humor is your thing as well? I think you’ll love them LOL!

      As always, should you have ideas you wanna share, do feel free to, eh? By now you’d know- I’m always open to ideas and needless to say, credits will be given if you do contribute 😉

      The shaver was mean indeed lol but according to a number of ppl who met me after the shoot- Apparently it made me look a lot better XD

      Again, thank you for this sweet comment!

      Your pal,

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      1. Yup I did enjoy it. It wasn’t hard to notice those subtle details and your efforts.

        Well the story I thought: that maybe they were from different team, both wanted to hack and get the stuff for themselves. Actually, the story you said can also be thought. Either way is good.
        I know about predator’s movie didn’t watch it was kind of yuk
        the sound effect did give villain feel XD

        Of course, sure don’t rush it , take your time with the scripts and production
        well Good Luck for that!
        And I do love this kind of humor too.

        According to me you looked good before and also after shaver’s attack 🙂

        Always happy to give the feedback n to help. All the best to you and for your project 🙂

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      2. Aw thanks :3
        Both interpretations are good eh? XD
        Will be working on making even more epic contents so stay tuuuuuunnnneed!

        I still prefer keeping the “Before” look, glad to know you think I look good that way too XD

        I will never forget your support 🙂

        Your pal,

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