6 thoughts on “WP Community Pool Blog Review #9 Live Stream!

      1. I’m sure you are busy with helping lots of people – so I’ll wait until you have spare time and slot my blog yourself :).

        Currently I’m only doing that Monday @ 8:00 post as I explain in my first comment here. But I’m trying to start Thursday post and if I do I link to what you are doing – I think we could definitely benefit from more “explorers” in our community.

        Thanks again for your great work and feel free to stop by my blog anytime!

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      2. You are doing amazing work bud!

        My review of your blog:
        Good layout, fits the whole theme. Digging the vibe for sure.

        What’s missing, imo, is the lack of an “About” page.

        If you can add one, you’d be able to connect with your audience even better cause they will get to learn more about you or the site itself.

        Content wise, needless to say, epic. Keep doing whatever you’re doing. It’s only going to explode with time 😉

        Really glad to have found you and I’ve emailed you as well. Talk further there, yeah?

        Is there a name or alias I can use to address you?

        Your pal,

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      3. Just watched review of Community Pool blogs – seems like that About page is high on the list of your priorities ;). Will definitely see to make one as soon as I have time.

        And I’ve replied on email – we’ll be in touch for future collaborations!

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      4. Indeed it is! It’s what I feel, the best page to help connect with and engage to your audience. After all, they clicked on “About” for a reason- To get to know more ABOUT you or your site! Lol!

        Alright I will get to them ASAP. Been busy with my upcoming video lol!
        Finally got it done and I will have some time to respond to emails etc soon.

        Talk to you again there!

        Your pal,

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