1 fun Way to be more committed to your Goal(s)

We’ve all been there when we set a goal and throughout our journey towards being awesome, we falter and lose our way, be it due to poor planning or plain lack of discipline.

To help kick that bad habit/ cycle, here’s a “new” way to help keep your motivation gauge in check- to help track your progress and ensure you are making them.

Introducing Habitica“- A Goal-Tracking mobile game application.

Optimally, you use a smartphone for this one. But if you don’t have one, you can access it on PC via their website or just DIY via pen and notebook with the main principle of it. The idea is simple- You create a character and complete your personal / guild quests (yes there are guilds- you can play with friends too!) to gain experience and gold.

Much like in real life, as you journey towards a goal (E.g. Fat weight loss), you will accomplish smaller goals (E.g. Sticking to new dietary habit like replacing soda with water) before finally hitting the ultimate one.


Fact: As you progress in real life, you gain experiences- it’s just not documented!

This app helps you do just that by giving you the experience points to “Level Up” and the longer you stay committed to your cause, the stronger you will become as you continue to work towards your dream in becoming the “Ultimate You”. Awesome!

I’ve been using it by myself and have seen tremendous difference as compared to past “To-do/goal tracking” apps mainly because it’s literally a game!

Your character is you and the goals you complete are literally your life missions all set by yourself or a friend (If you choose to have them set it for you). Talk about life being a game XD

So how exactly does this app work?

1. Set Habit to Cultivate or Eliminate / Set “To-Do” Task
– Difficulty settings included
– Due date included for “To-Do”
2. Work on it
3. Mark your Accomplishments / Defeat

For Habit:
Hit either Success (‘ + ‘) or Failure (‘ – ‘)
– If you hit (‘ – ‘) you will receive some Health Points damage as punishment.

For Tasks (To-Dos)
Hit the “Check box” to mark it as done. Remember to set a due date to give yourself a deadline!

4. Gain Experience + Gold (To buy weapons and armors)

Don’t “Rage quit”. Talk to us.

The game tells you that you’ve leveled up for you to let you know that you are making progress! When you fail a mission or perhaps procrastinated, you can hit that ‘ – ‘ button to penalize yourself (Don’t cheat!).

Features I’ve read but have yet to use myself:

  1. Party Quests
  2. Battling monsters / Bosses
  3. Accountability Buddy system with another user in game

In my current 3rd week playing with this app, it’s been keeping me accountable so I do see myself using this for a LONG time lol. If you are interested to try it and perhaps even want to form a party with me? Let me know, yes? We can keep each other accountable 😉

Go forth and conquer, gamify your life today! Check the game out in either the AppStore, GooglePlay Store or their website over here.

[Featured images used are by Habitica.]

New video coming up this Saturday!
If you haven’t seen this week’s video where I teach (With a French accent lol) on how to draw with “MS Paint”, feel free to click here and check it out for some laughs XD

That, plus a new article on killing “Awkward Silences” this Monday.
Are you excited? I know I am! Stay tuned, friends 🙂

Your pal,

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