Never say THIS to someone about their hobby

Imagine what if people say THIS to you about blogging? :-O

Do it yourself and you’re bound to get people’s attention though lol!
The Game mentioned in this video isn’t real.

Special thanks to my buddy, Chester, for assisting with the shoot and for blasting off like Team Rocket (Ala Pokémon).

Music Credit:
You & Me – Skrux
London Bridge Is Falling Down (Instrumental) – The Green Orbs

Route 24 (Pokémon Remix) – Ramstar

Bubba Bomb clip

15 thoughts on “Never say THIS to someone about their hobby

    1. Lol thanks, James! Apologies for the delayed respond too, just recovered from a 3 day fever and didn’t have time to respond to WP notifications yet until now -_-

      Are they good changes, in your opinion? XD

      Your pal,

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      1. No problem. Opening tag/introduction looked really good and professional. The flying JD bottle and flying off into the clouds (nice pokemon ref btw) where quite funny.

        Personally little graphics like that make the videos more interested and animated. Nice use of locations too helps get it out and about and keeps the videos fresh and different if that makes sense.

        On a side note it’s inspired me to be a bit more creative with my blog posts eg around imaging, graphics and applying a more unique brand to make my posts a bit more distinctive to the site.

        Hope you are better now!

        All the best

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      2. Hahahah thanks for noticing all the tiny details XD
        Glad it got your funny bone tingling hehe.

        Mmm indeed the filming location was something I thought about but actually did not realize it to be of such importance. This feedback is definitely going to be taken into account for future videos, thanks! It definitely made sense 😀

        Ayeee perhaps you can share what your plan is? I can help provide feedbacks too man!!!

        You scratch my back, I scratch yours. Don’t worry, I won’t do it too hard. I’ll let your wifey do that for you :_P

        Glad to hear it! Woohoooo!!

        Your pal,


      3. Location is important sometimes you watch YouTube videos and it’s some guy in his bedroom sat down talking for 10+ min 😴😴 the act of being in different locations, moving about, flicking to different shots etc keeps it more active.

        And thanks lol sure my wife appreciates that 😂

        I suppose rather than relying on using images I find from a Google search in relation my post I want it to be recognisable, interesting and consistent images used throughout the post. Not really a plan more an idea to make the writing more digestible.

        All the best

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      4. Mm true that. As long as there’s change in the dynamics- I think it’s fine but adding the location variation will surely help heh.

        Well as long as there’s a difference. Can I ask what’s the purpose of your blog now??

        Your pal,


      5. Good question. Originally it was a way for me to log the changes I wanted to make in my life and any thoughts discoveries on the way. At the moment it’s mostly an outlet to share my self-improvement thinking, but has probably lost a bit of that direction since I started.

        All the best

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      6. Perhaps you wanna find some time to sit down and rethink?

        The reason to why you started it can change with time so maybe you can try looking at what’s your reason to carry on doing this at this moment?

        Here’s a little origin/progress story of mine:

        For myself, I started the whole blogging thing from “” which as the name suggested, to help ppl learn to improve their presence.

        At the time, my main mission was to help ppl with low self esteem to rise above that issue and become confident in themselves. Why?

        I was a confidence retard waaaay back before I started blogging lol but I’ve somehow learned to become self confident and I know I can help others to become the better version of themselves IF they are willing to work for it- just as I did!

        If ppl were to meet me outside today and I begin socializing? One would never guess that I was a super-quietman who used to be constantly searching for opportunities to go hiding away from ppl due to social anxiety lol.

        That’s why I wanted to help others who are like the past me.

        Eventually, I shut that blog down because I realized what I wanted to do was not just teach or help ppl with their social problems.
        I wanted to do more.

        I wanted to make a positive difference in ppl’s lived in a much more grander/massive scale and I felt that I can do it better in another way.

        Hence I started Project BIY. Slowly but surely, I can see myself getting a step closer to seeing that dream a reality.

        YouTube is one of the main strategies that I am employing right now to hit that vision. But mind you, I did a lot of planning, researches and tests before finally deciding on YouTube lol hence you can see so many podcasts, articles, forums etc. lots of attempts in many different mediums to see which is best for myself in my journey. It’s a very time consuming process but one worth investing in.

        I found time to sit down and redo the whole concept from time to time. It wasn’t a one time restructuring. It was several.

        Perhaps you can try it yourself? Hell, maybe even get your wife aboard together! Might become something fun you guys do together 😉

        Your pal,


      7. Thinking about direction is something I need to do. Been happy with my writing and had some good feedback recently just need to work out that bit of extra ‘oomph’.

        It is tempting to close down and start again. If I could change it I would make it more focused and limit to four categories (health, self-improvement, creativity and work). Therefore from your perspective of restarting do you mind answering the following?

        1) how did you handle retaining your audience with the change?
        2) what would you recommend with transferring posts from old site across – would you consider it? There are many that would still work on a rebranded site?
        3) did you consider leaving WordPress. Com in your research? I find it to be a bit restrictive particularly if you want to run it like a business (I.e not getting to run your own adverts?) Or having a decent mailing list function (I have tried getting sign ups on mail chimp instead but all I got was people complaining they couldn’t sign up to the blog!)
        4) did you continue to write new content on double your presence even though you was planning the relaunch? Personally I have found having a break from blogging as a way of killing off followers!

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      8. Mmm sounds like a plan.

        1. I actually lost a lot of audience from before. I’ve gotten a few of my closer blogging pals over to my new site but most of them were actually lost during the transit.

        2. If I recall it right, you can export your current site date to your computer and import them to your new site if it’s another wordpress powered blog.

        BlueHost should work fine as well.
        Personally, when I started this project, I literally started a new site from scratch.

        Wrote new content, produced new podcasts and videos etc. I would keep some posts that are actually useful from my old site and share them from time to time with some revision.

        I think it’s best to start a fresh if you do plan to start a new site as it would allow you to really create a new blog/site and not be limited by your previous site’s structure.

        3. I never did consider leaving wordpress. Why? Mainly because of the community pool. To my knowledge, there’s no other blogging community with such weekly “Convention” where bloggers from all over gather to share their work and socialize.

        I love that part of WP 🙂

        4. When I started PBIY, I actually thought about running both DYP and PBIY together. Alas, time proved that it was not possible for me to be productive while working on both.

        In the end, I had to decide which should be my priority. I chose PBIY even though DYP was actually doing better. Back then I had at least 1k followers so imagine my followers dip when I shifted to PBIY, which had like probably less than 50 back then hah!

        BUT, it didn’t bother me much because I know this is what I wanted to do. Due to that, the followers number dropping wasn’t an issue for me.

        Ultimately, I would suggest starting totally fro scratch. Find new audience in this new start. Pull some old fans/pals over as well and mix them together to form a new adventure.

        I’m pretty sure it’ll be better than the last venture. The fact that you are actually considering to take this step means that you do feel that something is missing and something needs to be done.

        This step might just be the step you need to fill that “Void” 😉

        Hope this helped! Feel free to ask anymore questions if you still got any 😉

        Your pal,


      9. Thanks Benjamin I was so excited from your advice that I started to get on it and forgot to thank you!

        My focus for next few weeks is researching what I want to do and looking at sites I like and why do they appeal.

        I am also going to put a plan in place and examine the risks/transfer to new site.

        I suppose one of my frustrations with follower numbers is its never a true reflection because people blog for a few weeks/months then quit! I have broke 400 followers but feel about 40 of them engage with some of my content and about 10 are regular engages.

        Thank you again for your insights and keep up with the videos. Personally I feel YouTube is a good opportunity because unlike blogging it has a higher rate of ‘consumers’ against creators!

        All the best

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      10. Hahah being excited about this is good! Don’t worry, totally understand XD
        Glad to be of assist 😉

        Sounds like you’ve got a plan and are already executing them. Nice. It’s just the beginning. Things will snowball as you start to work on it but remember examine your past “system” as well. Recall what worked and what didn’t work from your experience in previous blog.

        Continue doing what works and be sure to catch the system / activity that don’t do that you won’t be wasting your time.

        For e.g. I experimented with posting only quotes from time to time. It didn’t feel like I was doing much for my readers nor did it feel like it’s very effective in growing my project’s awareness (might be how I did them, who knows?) so I decided to drop it and spend the time on something else.

        Be it experimenting on something new or pushing more time towards something that’s working.

        Indeed, follower number is something that constantly got me scratching my head as well about engagement. I’m still figuring this out myself, might even start asking more successful bloggers on how they are able to get so much engagement with their audience hah!

        I’d love to do a part 2 to my blogger’s guide heh but I’ll only go there when I have time so we’ll see. Maybe you can do it and share the knowledge with us? 😉

        Regardless, I’m sure as long as we don’t stop, we’ll make things happen so keep going. Dig for inspiration and seek them motivation. When there comes a time that we falter? Ask for help. This is how we’ll grow and thrive in life!

        Aye, I will! That’s one of the reason why I went into YouTube 🙂
        Of course, I’ve tested a lot of mediums before finally realizing that this is best for me since I love to produce videos etc.

        Maybe you can experiment as well? Aside from articles, maybe a podcast too hehe.
        Whatever it is, if you got questions on anything, do feel free to ask eh?

        I’d be more than happy to assist yooo 😉

        Your pal,


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