Love Yourself, You Are Important..

Very nice article. Sometimes, we just need reminders like this 🙂

Durgesh Tripathi

Feeling Important is one of very strong crave of any human.

But most of the people, usually feel low, upset, unsatisfied,neglected all the time.

The chief objective of life is inner happiness and it comes when you feel blessed,loved and important.

I know the pain because I suffered through that period in my life when I was not feeling valuable.

Than I came to know..


Few years back,Internallyi was feeling very low. Not able to face people. Was hesitating to go any party and interacting with strangers.

My First Day when I felt I am important for this world..

I started a part time job of teaching in a college. Was scared that will I be able to do it properly. But good moment came..after my few classes my students came to me and said Sir,you are special.

I received first words of…

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