Guest Post: One Last Time

Hey ya’ll! Hope your sun is treating you well today 😉

Anywho, Bryan from suggested a collab between us to do a guest post for each other and here we are- Talking about “What if tomorrow is your last day?”- Check it out!

Click here for my guest post for Bryan.

Guest Post: One Last Time by Bryan.

The afternoon sun was merciless as ever, the classes wearied me down until my very bones that were crying out for the bed, the mandatory activity that was supposed to be attended by me, I went. It was a language club activity which was mundane, and it was a good place for my mind to take a breather before submerging back into revising back home.

One of the games that they had captured my attention, it was a game of ‘dating’. The game went as such, the seniors in a row and the juniors in another, the seniors were supposed to ask five questions, each one to a different junior, and alas picking the one that the seniors wanted to date out of the one question that were given to five separate juniors.

“If tomorrow was the last day of your life, what would you do?” that question sent my thoughts into deep reverie, neurones sending impulses at a mad pace after a brief total pause, nothing else got through me, I bit my lip and let everything run wild inside my faculty of thoughts.

What am I going to do? That was the first thing that came into my mind after the hiccup in between my vacant mind. Her, someone that was imaginative and fictional, coruscated through my mind which was a non-existent being, was quickly discarded as for the reason that I did not have a ‘her’ in my life yet.

The next moment, I realised myself sitting in front of my laptop, with some chill pop playing in the background, composing my writings for the very last time, promulgating my final effort, contribution in writing to the avid readers, to my friends, to anonymous. I would not write something that is disheartening or uplifting, I would do my usual, crafting my piece of short fiction of the day, and posting it.

Laying rest on the lazy chair in front of the laptop, I picked up my phone, and asked my friends out for the one last time, those people whom I cherished most in life, to meet-up. They might have people that they wanted to be with, but I would give it a go by just calling everyone that I wanted to see for the final time, even my rivals, or someone that I dislike, to resolve, to share, to talk when we still had the breath of life.

I would go to the mamak store, ordering my usual milo ice and something additional, the teh tarik and roti canai, and having to set the rendezvous point there as to meet up with my friends. Congregating with more friends at different venues of their desires. The sun was blistering, I hoped, so that I could have one last football match with anyone. Having to kick, to catch the ball as the goalkeeper is one of the best sports in the world.

Guess what, the night would be spent at home, I had nowhere to go, except for up and up. One last dinner with my family, teasing my siblings for once more, debating about the recent issues with my family, having the dinner table as loud as possible, for one last time.

Fingers across my keyboard, one last post, one last text to my crush, reflection to my mementos of my past. A vibration or none, I would stare blankly at my phone, touching millions shards of memoirs at once, inhaling oxygen filled air for one last time, dropping my phone, looking up to the white ceiling, taking in the first breath from heaven.

Ahh, what did you think of the article? Not bad, eh?

When I first read Bryan’s work, I noted it of his flair in writing style in painting images to the readers’ minds. You can feel the emotions and thoughts as you go through his story now, can’t you? Just amazing. Gotta wonder though, how did the “Date” end? XD

Boy, talking about the ending point of one’s life sure make one think, doesn’t it?

Especially on what matters most to us individually. To name a few, for the most of us- I believe the moments spent with our love ones takes the win.

For others? I’ve met people who deem money as the most important- I kid you not, one guy I met, his social media profile status says “Money is happiness, money is life” and based on his actions and the way he talks about life. Seriously, I worked with him and the guy cares more about money than his pregnant wife lol.

A Psychological theory on human development by Erik Erikson states that when you are dying- as you reflect on your life, you’d either be feeling satisfied and happy with your journey; or you’d be filled with a deep sense of regret.
The theory is very interesting as it talks about what matters to an individual while growing up in specific age and the requirements for the person to mature into a healthy adult and what happens if certain requirements aren’t met.

Check it out if it interests you 😉

So, did you learn anything new from this story? Perhaps you gained some insights to yourself as you saw similarities between you and Bryan? Hope this little collab by us gave you some value in your life!

Now- have you figured out what matters most to you? What would you do if tomorrow is the last day of your life?

Share your thoughts and let us talk about life in the comments!

Your pal,

[Today’s featured image is by Bryan himself. That’s him in the picture!]

Fun fact- a research that I’ve heard from my Psychology lecturer stated something very interesting- Atheist become a believer when their life is about to end too. Ain’t that interesting?

Want to learn the secret of happiness? Check out this theory video I’ve made after doing up a research on it!

Or if you want some educational comedy? Check out this video I made about How to kill a Friendship with Miscommunication!

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