Guest Post | Last Day Alive

Here’s a Guest Post that I did for zeckrombryan! Be sure to check out the Guest Post he did for me too on the PBIY blog 😉

Thanks again for the collab feature, Bryan! May your blog go boom boom boom even more in the blogosphere XD


It is my honour and pleasure to be having Benjamin in doing our first guest post. Make sure you go check out his Youtube channel too! Make sure to check out mine on his blog. Enjoy!

If you are told that tomorrow is the last day of life, the end of the world, what will you do that day?

Ahh the end of the world. If I’m told that when the clock strikes 12 and dragons would start reigning the skies, hurricanes appearing everywhere or even nuclear warfare becoming a reality-

I would call my love ones to assure them of the end being inevitable (so don’t enter freak mode, no point lol) while letting them know I love em, of course.

Finally, I’ll tell everyone to chill, maybe have a drink. Enjoy your last moments with your family and friends 😉

Don’t despair, why? We’re all gonna die one…

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