A change in plan-

Hello dear believers, if you’ve been following me for awhile and still plan to do so, I hope you’ll take the time to read this message because it is written for you– Not for those who just click “Follow” or “Like” for attention to be noticed.

I’ve been working real hard in trying to set up a little community where people can just go to chill, hangout or even rant and also, be inspired by as we try to improve lives for everyone by supporting each other.

However, as good as the mission and vision is, I noticed that we are not making much progress since I started the project. This is a MAJOR problem that I have to deal with immediately.

I started discussing this issue with a number of friends, contemplated about this situation for weeks and have come to a conclusion that in order to achieve the ultimate goal of setting up a community where I can get people to hangout and support together?

I need to connect with you first, before I can bring you to connect with others and start getting everyone together.

I have to create contents that actually allow me to “Hangout” with you and also, contents that can bring practical value to your life.

Hence, I scrapped the weekly “Positive message skit video” idea, created a new YouTube Channel and twitch account where it’s made specifically for the purpose of hanging out with you and maybe even help you connect with new people in future.

You can find out more about the new channel details HERE.

There are days when I really want to give up on this project of mine. A few of you know this already since I shared it with you personally but I will keep fighting to bring the vision of a better world a reality because I have met quite a number of people whose life was changed because of my mission. I want to continue in making a positive difference in the lives of others in this manner and if possible, make it a full time gig. There’s a reason why I quit my job to chase this dream- I see it as a worthy cause.

For that to happen though, I will need your support. Before I end this message, I want to first, thank you for taking the time to read this and following me throughout this journey of mine. I also want you to know that if I haven’t been checking your content out, it’s not because I don’t care about you anymore but rather, I don’t have the time to check them out. Trust me when I say this-

I am trying to give my time to everyone lol but seriously, it’s not possible. If it is, I’d give each and everyone of you, my fully dedicated attention just as how I do when I hangout with my friends in a coffee house- just as how I do when I am doing blog reviews etc.

Hope you understand. One good thing that came out of this decision to start this new channel though? If you ever feel like hanging out with someone, just checkout my new channel and we can sort of do that together now XD

Current plan for PBIY blog:

• I will see to continue blogging with social tips every now and then
• I will continue reviewing blogs once in a while too but NOT live streaming it
• Mission of PBIY will continue but in another manner via direct live stream hangouts sessions and positive T-Shirts that can be found HERE.

Whatever happens, I will be here for you. Remember, it’s not over till you’re “Underground”. If you ever need a listening ear, please let me know and I will look to assisting you in anyway I can.

Talk to you guys again soon and as always, stay chirpy y’all!

Your pal,

16 thoughts on “A change in plan-

  1. Hey Benjamin, Oh this is a bit sad, but I kinda understand too. Will you still keep for facebook page ? I tried to go to your new blog and it behaved a bit funny.

    I know I haven’t been great at reading and commenting lately on your blog. I am having a mini blip of my own. I only blog twice a week now, I just can’t cope with Work and life, and blogging and still have the balance I want in my life.

    I didn’t realise you quit your job to do this full time. I love what you do and enjoy your blog and facebook . I admit I don’t always get to visit your youtube.

    Wishing you all the best and I have followed on your new website.

    Speak soon regards Bella

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    1. Haha don’t worry Bella, the facebook group will be kept 🙂

      Hmm mind if I ask what you meant by “Funny”?

      Don’t worry, I know exactly what you’re going through and that’s precisely the reason why I went full time on this lol.
      If things don’t workout right though, naturally, I will have to go back to working again but we’ll see. I will definitely work hard to making this a reality, of course XD

      Remember to prioritize your life’s happiness. Don’t stress over what’s not worth stressing over 😀

      Thanks Bella, I will be posting everyday there lol hope you won’t be annoyed by it XD

      Also, if you wanna talk about anything, do feel free to share, mkay? 🙂

      Stay chirpy yo~

      Your pal,

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    1. Indeed and thanks! I thought about this for quite awhile before finally choosing to go in this direction.

      What you said about focus is definitely one of the thing I thought about as well- whether I was too distracted.

      The conclusion I came to was that whatever I was doing at the moment just isn’t working so there’s no point in continuing focusing on that model anymore cause I will just be wasting my time.

      It’s good to be focused as you chase a prey down but when the prey has dived into the water, already swimming away and you know running on land just isn’t going to help you catch them anymore?

      It’s time to improvise instead of just continuing on running. Not sure if that made sense to you XD

      Aye, I’ve read that line before:

      “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day”

      You, of all people I’m sure, would know the truth in these words. I do not doubt that as well. However, in my experience from transforming myself from a social retard (lol) into a social butterfly of sort? It’s not that simple.

      It’s not just about being disciplined BUT also about finding the right habits to be disciplined in. I’ve served in the army and police force, practiced guitar till I got tendonitis on 4 of my fretting fingers, PLUS I still workout 4 times a week even when I lack in sleep-

      I think I can say that I am pretty attuned to the idea of discipline lol.

      Perhaps I can add onto that line?

      “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day- on the right set of habits”.

      No point focusing on something and be good at it if it’s not going to help you reach your goal right? Gotta be smart AND disciplined.

      If I did that, I wouldn’t have overpracticed and get the injury on my finger joints which almost took away my life as a guitarist. I’m luck it didn’t and am grateful for it 🙂

      So like you, I truly am speaking from experience here when I say it pays to be smart AND disciplined. NOT just disciplined.

      If you are a musician yourself, please remember to take breaks, do not be like this idiot (Me lol) and think that “Oh practice makes perfect so just gotta practice and practice”-

      Bull shit lol! Practice don’t make perfect. That’s just blind practice. Blegh.

      Perfect practice makes perfect. There’s a difference XD

      Anywho, I really appreciate the suggestion and words from ya 😀
      Glad this allowed a discussion like this to flow too, who knows-

      It might help others who’s experiencing a similar situation that I am currently in now, no?

      Not sure if I’m reading into it too much but you sounded like you have more to add on?
      Please continue if you do, yeah?

      If not, may your days continue to be smooth sailing, and the sun shining brightly 😉

      Your pal,

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      1. Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.

        But on the right set of habits. Liked it and learn new thing today. This is outcome of when we share our thoughts

        Thanks.. keep inspiring.. need your feedback and suggestions to update me in blogging and life.

        Love and respect

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  2. Hmmm, I wasn’t expecting this new direction but I wish you the best with it. I don’t really see myself watching more let’s play videos as I barely watch Markiplier & Jacksepticeye anymore. Anyway, it sounds like you more so want to be a YouTuber than a blogger?

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    1. Yup, I’ve explained in one of my blog posts before in the past when I started producing videos that to me, I noticed that it helps engage the audience much more easily.

      Of course, it’s in my opinion lol but hey, I’m gonna be innovating with my videos once I finish with the current series of tales from the borderlands to make them standout lol.

      If you used to watch let’s plays, perhaps I might be able to catch your attention? 😛

      We’ll see hahaha hey btw, do you play any video games yourself?? Maybe we can make some videos together XD

      Your pal,

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      1. Or perhaps you’re using an iPhone? As of now, there’s no way to do so unless we got a 3rd party app or something but I heard in the next iOS update, we’d finally get the feature in lol so stay tuned!

        Aww that’d be cute XD
        Always nice to see couples doing things together 🙂

        Perhaps we can do something together in future then, maybe even with your hubby too XD

        Anywho- hope you guys have fun with them stage creation!

        Your pal,

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  3. Oh my god I’m so sorry for not seeing this until now, some friend I turn out to be :/ . Good luck with the new direction. I’m not able to watch many videos as I still have problems with bandwidth where I live so that’s why I’m not sure how much I can really follow you in terms of your youtube channel 😦

    I had no idea you were doing this full time, that’s really hard and I completely understand, I’ve had times where I can’t cope with my blog (especially with my old one) and it’s so frustrating when you put in so much effort for so little to come out of it.

    Is Gaffee your new site then? I’m checking it out but the front page link to the blog (not the menu link) has an error on it, just dumps me to an error page 😦 I’ll certainly check it out but with a limit on how many videos I can watch I’m not sure how much I can follow the gaming section…and for the coffee part….I love the smell of coffee but I’m totally a tea drinker 😮 lol

    Good luck with your new site and don’t give up fully on PBIY, though obviously don’t force yourself into doing the project iff it’s not working. If ther’s anything I can do to help with it please let me know, I do feel a bit more internet savvy these days lol

    Take care and best of luck ❤ 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Hahaha don’t worry about it! My videos are there solely for everyone to enjoy while relaxing (Drinking fav bev too!) and kind of hangout with a friend so don’t feel like you HAVE to watch them cause you don’t XD

      I am hearing from quite a few people on the site having errors… Pretty confused on why it’s happening cause I’ve been looking into the settings and everything is in order lol. Argh I’ll look into them again.

      Thanks 🙂 The channel is to serve as a place for people to go to chill and hang with someone when they are feeling down and from there, I will provide a link back here in future when it’s bigger since the mission is still the same-
      to contribute to the lives of others positively.

      That said, I won’t give up on PBIY since this is the mission all along XD

      I might not be going full time at this any longer cause of family issues but we’ll see eh? Hopefully I can get to continue though!

      Regardless, I know I’m still gonna keep doing it even if it’s in my free time hehe after all, I’ve gone through working in 24 hours shifts while keeping the blog running so whatever that’s gonna come next likely won’t be this bad lol.

      Thanks for the support too 😀

      For now, I just need to make great content that’s engaging and shareable so that I can grow my channel-
      Once grown, that’s when I’d be able to reel them here to this project and spread the word that way.

      This would help in bringing this project’s goal to life. I can’t stop now. I know if I keep going, I’d be able to help lots of people so I will keep trying till I can’t anymore.

      Of course, I wouldn’t reject Lady Luck’s help, should she offers some XD

      Thanks for reading and leaving this comment! I’m gonna go check your FB message in a bit, haven’t had breakfast since I got up and I’m starving XD

      For help wise, I’d appreciate it if you can keep track of my YT channel and let me know if my videos are becoming more entertaining after a week from now?

      I’ve been producing videos everyday and just got used to the daily uploading schedule so now-

      I’m gonna be working on innovating and creating good content hence, I’ve just started going into using editing to help create that little “Spark” in them.

      Town of Salem #2 is the start of this “Innovation” and the next video will be a horror game which I’d be editing later XD

      Okay, catch up with you in a bit!!

      Your pal,


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