The Blushing Lecturer

Joe was at university today and the lecturer just started her lecture. As soon as he looked up he could see all of her neck and face bright red like a tomato.

She is a fairly attractive woman and didn’t show any of these symptoms when she walked into class. However, as soon as she started the lecture? BOOM her face became bright red like a hot metal.

Two minutes into her introduction to the lecture she said:

“Oh and by the way, I go really really red when I give talks or do anything I need to really concentrate on, so don’t worry about me or think I am going to blow up… It’s like that when I drink red wine too.”

The class chuckled at her little intro.

Do you see what happened here?

The lecturer likely has some Social Anxiety issue that manifests in the form of her turning all red (Symptom) but instead of shying away and keeping it a secret or acting like it’s a big deal- she acknowledged her issue, shared it with everyone who noticed it and at the same time, let ppl know that she’s in control and she came across as honest and credible.

We can learn so much from each other, don’t you think? 😉

I read this story somewhere and decided to share it. Feel free to check out the original source HERE! Hope you’re having a good day and stay chirpy y’all~

Your pal,

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16 thoughts on “The Blushing Lecturer

  1. There’s serious truth in here. I have tons of these stories. I once did a shortish stint as teacher. Any embarrassing moment becomes gold for the kids, unless you owe it and joke about it yourself. Cool post

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    1. Hahaha indeed, take the fun away from them huh? Such psychological tactics- The human mind is truly a complicated but fascinating tool, eh?

      Perhaps you can give me links to 1 or 2 of your favorite stories that you’ve mentioned? 🙂

      Your pal,


  2. I’ve been there, embarrassed in trying to speak in front of a group of people. Of course in the past I was very shy and just clammed up when talking. What a great way to deal with the situation and take heat off of how you feel. I’ll try to emulate her in future if I have to talk in front of anyone 🙂

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    1. I’m sure lots of us do, so you’re not alone there 🙂

      Exactly what I thought, hence I decided to share this little story! Good to feel inspired, and feel like Lady Hope is walking beside you, no? 😀

      Tell em you just came back from space so you’ve forgotten how to speak the home planet’s language XD

      Your pal,

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    1. Not a problem Gulshan! Glad it helped in some way. I struggle with SA myself so I know what it’s like.

      Don’t worry, as long as you keep working on it, you can cope with it much better with time 🙂

      Hope you’re doing good!

      Your pal,

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  3. I had this problem. I hated doing class presentations. Even when I was still into singing and was in choir, I would get seriously anxious before going out there and doing my thing. What seemed to cure that though was when I started dancing. I think that maybe with dancing, since I was in constant movement and concentration, I wouldn’t pay any attention to the crowd, only to my partner/team, dance moves and the music. The only times I would look at the crowd was when I had to throw a little smile or wink at them which, I was so deep into the movement that my smiles would come out naturally. xD
    Another thing that made me lose that shyness was: Mexican teachers. If you’re in school in Mexico, you rather go up there and start speaking or go up there and start speaking. No way out.
    To this day I still feel a bit nervous before a presentation but when the moment comes I go out there and do my thing. Speak loud and clear, hand gestures, constant eye contact with everyone, walk around the room or area, etc.
    Maybe you should do a post on how to get less-anxious? 😛 Great post as always. .w.

    Your pal,
    Not- Benjamin :3

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    1. Lol thanks for sharing 😉

      Good to know that you’ve managed to cope with this better now. God knows how much problem it can cause for someone when they start working etc.

      I’ve seen ppl not truly excelling at work due to this exact issue of being overly nervous when conversing with someone or giving a presentation.

      Business deal pitches/proposals could end before even starting the presentation lol.

      Unfortunately for us who have bad social anxiety issues, it’s a higher difficulty game world for us XD

      Thank you, I will look into that 🙂

      Your pal,
      Not- Benjamin

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    1. Glad you liked it! I personally blush easily too hahaha so I can totally relate 😛

      Gotta learn to use it to our advantage!! Blush easy? Tell them “I’m just shy around you” hahah!

      Any idea how it started for you? Alcohol perhaps? XD

      I have this thing since I was a kid hmm and I’m not sure for everyone else but whenever water touches my face, I’d be red as a tomato too lol!

      Your pal,


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