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So I posted something about how men can be more interesting and all that. I the conclusion of that post, I said that I was going to post something relating to that same post but now on women. So here it is. By the way, please please please please please please please please please and please, if you are a woman and you read this and find it offensive in any way at all. Feel free to tell me what I said wrong. What I wrote here are just my ideas so please feel free to criticize if I you feel went wrong anywhere. Thank you.


Sometimes men do stupid things like act unthoughtful or not give attention, many women become obsessed over if things are “okay”, and then they become hurt and overly emotional. Now, men sometimes do hurtful and brainless things, and…

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  1. Wooowh! That’s serious stuff, I do appreciate the blog post. It helps ladies improve on their character 👌😍 However, I did also would like to add that a guys expecting a lady to have all the qualities listed is pushing it… and therefore he may find it difficult to pick a lady, since it almost seem as he is fault finding. Same applies to a woman… a times certain habits take time to genuinely acquire as much as some take time to fade. That being said, we all have different taste in choosing partners😇. We choose according to what we can work with 😂

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    1. Indeed, nobody is perfect XD
      Either accept that or live forever in denial eh?

      I’m sure all of us would agree when I say this- It’s not easy to find a good partner to live with

      Thanks for reading and leaving this comment 🙂

      Your pal,


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