7 thoughts on “Monday Motivation!

  1. I’m doing fine. Thanks for asking. I’m quite happy with the present, but realize that taking a peek into the future is OK too, this time of year especially. Hoping you’re having a super fantastic day as well. As we both know, living a life well spent is the key!!!

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    1. Ooooh always nice to hear that 😀

      Gotta learn to peek and prep for them future eh? Be it for ourselves or our love ones.

      Best is if we can all do it together! Had a fantastic but busy day as always lol! Living a life well spent is key indeed, just imagine the recent tragedies happening all over 😦

      I wondered myself what if I were one of the victims, would I be able to let go lol- tough thing to contemplate!

      Just happy that we’re able to be here writing this and sharing our thoughts 😀

      Been doing anything interesting lately? 😉

      Your pal,

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      1. Happy Tuesday Benjamin. I do quite a few interesting things which I code under life experiments.

        At present, I’m trying to perfect my version of different homemade soups. A little pinch of this, a little pinch of that, add more vegetable broth, and wah lah!

        The same goes to making my fresh ginger and honey concoction. There’s nothing better to fight cold and flu 🤒.

        At the weekend, I’ll be ticking off one last Speech and Debate credit as community judge. It’s been a busy judging season.

        I’m also preparing Reminiscence Coach extravaganzas. Two more events per group, and then I’m going to make like a bear and hibernate for the ❄️.

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      2. Cooking can be even more fun when you turn it into little experiments eh? Like a mad scientist in the kitchen hehe. Brilliant invention or disaster, only time will tell- and your potential “Victims” XD

        Oooh sounds exciting! What are you judging for?? Winter is coming indeed 😀

        Hearing the sleigh bells already wooooo!

        Your pal,

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      3. I judge various speech and debate rounds. Think Toastmasters for homeschoolers. Debate is typically some issue that needs resolving. It changes per contest, and I judge on “ownership” in the round. If they own it, what they say team or

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