3 Gratitudes Challenge: Day 4 (Night)

If you haven’t found out why I started this challenge, it’s to help train my brain to be more positive- you can do it too! Check out the original post to start off!

Grateful Day 4 – Night

I am grateful for my friends- both the ones I’ve met in person, as well as online!

If it wasn’t for them, I will likely not be around anymore- not kidding. It’s not easy to find good friends and it’s easy to cut off a relationship. Cherish those who choose to stick around you in your life 🙂

Want to read a story on what motivated me to start a shirt brand to spread positivity in this world? Check out this article!

When was the last time you told your friends/family how much you appreciate them? What was their reaction?

I did that to my friends last year- telling them how much I appreciate them sticking around and they were like:

“Is everything okay?”

LOL! This is what happens when we don’t do that enough that it becomes weird to show appreciation eh? XD

Your pal,

5 thoughts on “3 Gratitudes Challenge: Day 4 (Night)

  1. As I’m eating my breakfast too late in the day, as usual, I am enjoying reading your post. I second being grateful for my friends on and offline. It is true, if not for the tremendous amount of support I have in my life, there is a good chance I may not be here today. If anyone follows my blog, most know that my son is my angel, so I am most grateful for having him in my life. That’s funny your friend asked what is wrong!! hahah I have gotten that too if I haven’t spoken to someone in a while! However, I do try to stay in touch once a week and send a quick reminder that I’m thinking of them. As you know, I’m grateful for my sweet dog. He’s now my blog mascot. He’s got his own page. Hopefully, this won’t inflate his ego any more than it already is. Thanks for the post. Another one as usual. So inspirational! Have a good day to you and all!

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    1. Aww I’m glad you do and definitely am happy for you that you’ve managed to find some good friends in life.

      This is a fact that I”m sure you know- not everyone is able to say that they have good friends whom they’d stick by and lean onto for support!

      Oooh I’ll definitely surf around your blog more when I get the time 🙂

      Staying in touch is good indeed. Relationships are a commitment and the fact that they are still willing to talk to you and meet up etc is a good sign.

      Much like in a romantic relationship, it could be cut off any time. Always cherish the people who choose to stick around eh? 🙂

      That doggo, gotta feed him more for pulling traffic for you then 😛

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Good day to you too! I will be posting the details on the thing that i was talking about before btw lol.

      Unless it somehow slips my mind, I will check in with you when it is up so don’t worry on checking in XD

      Alright, talk again, stay chirpy 🙂

      Your pal,

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