Beware the Pebble In Your Shoe!

Take note of them pebbles! Nice post 🙂

Sparky Jen "No Beating Around the Bush Allowed!"

We wonder year after year what keeps us from achieving our goals. Why are the lists in our buckets still in our buckets?

More questionable yet…

Why can’t we keep our New Year’s resolutions?

Well…Maybe these great words of wisdom from Muhammad Ali will help us not only better understand, but solve these nagging dilemmas.

pebble-in-shoe-ali-faceUninterrupted perseverance is what this adage is all about, really!

It makes sense doesn’t it that we can persevere much easier, braving any mountain in our path without the small things, those pebbles that irritate and aggravate us away from achieving more throughout the year.

Want to accomplish more this new year?

Beware the pebbles in your shoes!


There might be pebbles in your business/career shoes. Maybe there’s one in your relationship shoe. Your higher education shoe. Your parenting shoe. Your etc. etc. etc. shoes.

Some people have pebbles that jump from shoe to shoe…

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