What if you don’t love yourself more but…

What if you don’t love yourself more but hate yourself less?

Life will likely be more positive since you are reducing the level of negativity!

Naturally, if you start finding things to love about yourself even more, you WILL be more positive and your life WILL change for the better.

How am I so sure?

I’ve been there and done it. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’d know that I hated myself when I was going through my teens because I felt unattractive, undesirable and worthless. Lots of it was due to my low self-image and esteem.

So what did I do that helped sparked a change in things? Lots! But one of the things that I did was finding reasons to love myself more.

Not kidding!

Finding things to love about yourself

Take a piece of paper and write down a list of things to love about yourself! Do this and I tell ya- you will learn something new about yourself.

I will write a post about this or maybe even make a video about this in future cause there’s quite a bit to talk about.

To start you off, take 30 minutes or more to do this- you will start to appreciate yourself more. I guarantee it. If you need help, ask your friends / family.

Remember, everyone is an expert in something 😉

You WILL know something that even your parents don’t! Alrighty, talk to you again soon and till then, stay chirpy.


Your pal,

P.S. I will likely be holding a stream test today or tomorrow. An update will be up later so feel free to join in if you want. Maybe we can play a game together as we test the stream 🙂

[Today’s featured image is by: Adrian]

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