3 Gratitudes Challenge: Day 11 (Morning+Afternoon)

If you haven’t found out why I started this challenge, it’s to help train my brain to be more positive- you can do it too! Check out the previous post to start off!

Grateful Day 11 – Morning + Afternoon

Apologies for the delay for today’s post- been busy with work that I had no time to write or even schedule one! That said, this post will contain 2 things to be grateful for 🙂

I am grateful for my friends, especially those who are still asking me to hang out with them even though I’ve been neglecting them for some time due to my commitments in other things in life!

Really need to get things running asap!

I am also grateful for my YouTube channel being allowed to continue to exist because I discovered that the reason to why my live stream test had issue the other day was due to someone reporting me for uploading a content which was copyrighted or something.

Long story short, my account got suspended and was not allowed to hold live stream sessions with that account. For how long though? I don’t know but I will look into that for sure.

Amidst all these, I can tell you that I AM actually facing some negative issues right now but truly, this exercise is helping me notice and see the positive in some of these problems and it is really helping me continue to fight on-

This challenge IS WORKING!

Okay I will look to posting as usual now. Hope you are doing good too!

Since this is showing it’s results- I am really considering on startting another challenge to try after this one is done. Do you have any suggestions?

If so, please let me know 😀

Your pal,

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