3 Gratitudes Challenge: Day 28 (Afternoon)

If you haven’t found out why I started this challenge, it’s to help train my brain to be more positive- you can do it too! Check out the original post to start off!

Grateful Day 28 – Afternoon

I am grateful for my language skill! This is definitely something I’m sure we all take for granted but remember, the mastery or even grasp of a language is not as easy as it seem.

Just because you are good at speaking and reading english like it’s second nature now doesn’t mean it was a skill which you’ve acquired easily- think of all the times when you’ve stumbled upon a new word which led you to discovering something new about this language.

Like when someone say it to you for the first time and you had to act like you know what it means- then googled for it’s meaning later hehe. Okay that’s all for now. Talk to you later!

Your pal,

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