3 Gratitudes Challenge: Day 28 (Night)

If you haven’t found out why I started this challenge, it’s to help train my brain to be more positive- you can do it too! Check out the original post to start off!

Grateful Day 28 – Night

I am grateful for HORROR MOVIES. AHHHHH. I love them. Yes, I love a good thriller even though I hate them as well for making me a scared little kid when I was like 6 or something. I actually avoided them and now that I think about it, I have no idea how I snapped out of the fear zone and started watching horror again LOL.

Might have forced myself to XD

I remember 2 movies in particular that got me avoiding horror flick. Both were Chinese horror, likely made in the 90s.

One was a Chinese zombie movie called “Bio Zombie” I think (Can’t really remember) where some dude became a zombie and attacked a mall, slowly spreading it. Probably got scared by the gore lol.

This other one is about a palace (I think) where somehow, the king has his concubines and queen impregnated but there’s this evil spirit that’s trying to get a devil baby born and started to possess the women who’s about to give birth. They hired a priest to cleanse and save them but unfortunately, he had to kill some of them during the clash. In the end, the spirit actually managed to possess and give birth to a demon spawn.

I think they had to fight the demon baby too lol. It’s all from vague memory though so might’ve made some errors here and there XD

Point is, I ended up coming back to horror even though I was super afraid of it and I am glad I did!

If you are curious to learn how FEAR works, I actually made a video explaining just that! You can check it out via this link 😉

Don’t be afraid of the dark hehehehehehe >:)

Your pal,

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