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A Duet with Myself- Me & My Shadow (Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr Cover)

Hey Champs! So I was asked by a few friends to make more videos of me singing after hearing my first one so here it is! Hope you enjoy it 🙂

As mentioned in the Outro, a new iStory Time! Episode is coming up next so stay tuned!

Your pal,
Skit & parts of the lyrics change, were all written by me.

“Me & My Shadow” was originally performed by Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr.

Instrumental track used (As performed by Robbie Williams):

Naruto & Sasuke art was taken from here:

Outro Music:
Dutty Moonshine – “Takin’ It Back”

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Me Singing “Am I Blue”

Just me singing a song which holds a lot of meaning to me. Hope you enjoy it since you’re watching this 🙂

I first heard it on Justice League, with parts of it sung by Batman / Kevin Conroy. I went onto find the original and if I’m right, it was originally sung by Ray Charles (Many ppl sang it lol!). Let me know if I’m wrong so that I can give credits to where its due.

The Piano track was self-edited by me from Conroy’s cover which can be found on his site-

The scene I spoke of in Justice League can be found HERE.

Thanks for watching and I shall talk to you again soon!

Your pal,