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PBIY Podcast 006: You, and your Alternate Universe You

In this session:

We talk about The Butterfly Effect, Chaos Theory and as the title suggests, Alternate Universes!

We discuss on how to make use of ways to help us make decisions in life based on the above mentioned theories. We also learn a few new perspectives on how a few of my friends live their life and how they make decisions in life- Cool isn’t it?

Talk to you again soon!





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PBIY Podcast 005: How to be Motivated (Part 2 of 2): 1 Trick to Inspire Change and Progress | Chasing Inspiration | Dancing with Death

In this Part 2 of 2 Parter Episode,

We talk about 1 trick to motivate yourself by using the concept of “Death” and hence the expression, “Dancing with Death”. We learn how to use this negative term for our benefit.
Steve Jobs (Co-Founder of Apple) and the anime “Katekyo Hitman Reborn!” inspired quite a lot of the content in today’s episode so here’s to the man and anime who made it possible for me to get this out to you 😉
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Zombieland video link (Funny scene but be warned though lots of violence and gore!) –
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PBIY Podcast 004: How to be Motivated (Part 1 of 2) | How to find Inspiration | 6 ways to go after Inspiration

In this Part 1 of 2 Parter Episode, we talk about what Motivation and Inspirations are and we find out exactly how to use these knowledge to help us become motivated to work towards our goals!

You will learn 6 Ways to Finding Inspiration, which can help kickstart your Motivational Engines and send you soaring in life! Not literally, of course. Unless you’re a pilot.

Next episode will be the 2nd part of the “How to Be Motivated” Episode. We will talk about a “Trick” which we will learn to help not just motivate you, but also perhaps overcome laziness and sometimes, even fear itself.

Stay tuned and stay awesome Champs!

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PBIY Podcast 003: Why do we hang around our Best Friends? | Friendship

In this session:
We talk about what is the thing that binds our relationships with those we love hanging out with. Why we choose to have certain people in our lives and not the other? Find the answer here!
Also, we conduct a little exercise which can help make you and your friends’ lives a little better by tuning into an elusive side of your life- Just by being aware of this side of your life can make a difference!
Final note: Your life, Your happiness, Your responsibility. Go after your ideal life!

“Being rich is not about having lots of money but having lots of options”

– Chris Rock

Stay awesome, champs!

P.S. Can you guess what today’s intro play is on? 😉